CData Python Connector for Monday

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Get a collection of users.

View-Specific Information


The connector uses the Monday API to process some of the filters. The connector processes other filters client-side within the connector. You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any search criteria that refers to other columns will cause inconsistent data.

  • Id supports the '=','IN' comparison operators.
  • TeamsIds supports the '=','IN' comparison operators.
  • Email supports the '=','IN' comparison operators.
  • IsGuest supports the '=' comparison operator.
  • IsPending supports the '=' comparison operator.
  • NonActive supports the '=' comparison operator.
For example, the following queries are processed server side:
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE IsPending = true
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE IsGuest = true
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE ID = '27278379'
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE ID IN ('27278379', '27278377')
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Email = ''
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Email IN ('', '')


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The user's unique identifier.
TeamsIds String


A list of teams unique identifiers to which the user belongs.
Name String The user's name.
Phone String The user's phone number.
Birthday Date The user's birthday.
CurrentLanguage String The current user's language.
CountryCode String The user's country code.
CreatedAt Datetime The user's creation date.
LastActivity Datetime Last date and time when user was active.
Email String The user's email.
Enabled Bool Whether or not the user is enabled.
IsAdmin Bool Whether or not the user is an account admin.
IsGuest Bool Whether or not the user is a guest.
IsPending Bool Whether or not the user is a pending user
IsVerified Bool Whether or not the user verified their email.
IsViewOnly Bool Whether or not the user is a view only user.
JoinDate Date The date the user joined the account.
Location String The user's location.
MobilePhone String The user's mobile phone number.
PhotoOriginal String The user's photo in the original size.
PhotoSmall String The user's photo in small size (150x150).
PhotoThumb String The user's photo in thumbnail size (100x100).
PhotoThumbSmall String The user's photo in small thumbnail size (50x50).
PhotoTiny String The user's photo in tiny size (30x30).
TimeZoneIdentifier String The user's timezone identifier.
Title String The user's title.
Url String The user's profile url.
UtcHoursDiff Int The user's utc hours difference.
SignUpProductKind String The product to which the user signed up to first.
AccountFirstDayOfTheWeek String The first day of the week for the account (sunday / monday)
AccountId String The account's unique identifier.
AccountLogo String The account's logo.
AccountName String The account's name.
AccountPlanMaxUsers Int The maximum users allowed in the plan.
AccountPlanPeriod String The plan's time period.
AccountPlanTier String The plan's tier.
AccountPlanVersion Int The plan's version.
AccountShowTimelineWeekends Bool Whether or not to show weekends in the timeline.
AccountSlug String The account's slug.
AccountTier String The account's tier.
AccountCountryCode String The account's country two-letter code in ISO3166 format.
AccountSignUpProductKind String The product the account signed up to first.
AccountProducts String The account's active products.
OutOfOfficeActive Bool Is the status active?
OutOfOfficeDisableNotifications Bool Are notification disabled?
OutOfOfficeStartDate Date The status start date.
OutOfOfficeEndDate Date The status end date.
OutOfOfficeType String Out of office type.
NonActive Bool Return non active users in the account.

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