CData Python Connector for Monday

Build 23.0.8839


Get a board's audit log events.

Table Specific Information


The connector uses the Monday API to process some of the filters. The connector processes other filters client-side within the connector. You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any search criteria that refers to other columns will cause inconsistent data. For example, the following queries are processed server side.

  • Timestamp supports the '=, >, >=, <, <=' operators.
  • UserId supports the '=' operator.
  • IpAddress supports the '=' operator.
  • Event supports the '=, IN' operators.

All available values for the event filter are listed and explained below:

  • export-board-activity-log: Logs board Activity Log export by users
  • export-account-data: Logs account data export by admins
  • download-attachment: Logs file downloads by users
  • export-board: Logs board exports by users
  • export-dashboard: Logs dashboard exports by users
  • export-content-directory: Logs content directory exports by admins
  • login: Logs users' logins to the system
  • forgot-password: Logs users' "Forgot password?" clicks from the login page
  • logout: Logs users' logouts from the system
  • failed-login: Logs users' failed login attemts
  • user-reactivated: Logs users' reactivation by admins
  • user-deactivated: Logs users' deactivation by admins
  • user-details-deleted: Logs users' deletion by admins
  • user-invite: Logs users' invite from within the system
  • cancel-user-invite: Logs cancelled users' invite from within the system
  • user-role-change: Logs users' type change by admins
  • delete-board: Logs board deletion by users
  • delete-workspace: Logs workspace deletion by users
  • create-team: Logs team creation by users
  • delete-team: Logs team deletion by users
  • security-settings-change: Logs security settings changes by admins
  • board-broadcast-enabled: Logs board broadcast enablement by users
  • add-user-to-team: Logs users' addition to teams by users
  • remove-user-from-team: Logs users' removal from teams by users
  • add-user-to-product: Logs users' addition to Work OS Products
  • remove-user-from-product: Logs users' removal from Work OS Products
  • add-team-to-product: Logs teams' addition to Work OS Products
  • remove-team-from-product: Logs teams' removal from Work OS Products
  • api-complexity-breach-over-time: Logs api calls reaching the account limit

The following queries are executed server-side:

SELECT * FROM AuditLogs WHERE Timestamp >= '2022-01-01T07:30:00Z' AND Timestamp <= '2022-01-02T07:30:00Z'
SELECT * FROM AuditLogs WHERE Event IN ('export-board-activity-log', 'delete-board')
SELECT * FROM AuditLogs WHERE Timestamp >= '2022-01-01T07:30:00Z' AND Timestamp <= '2022-01-02T07:30:00Z' AND Event = 'delete-board' AND UserId = 27 AND IpAddress = '123.123'


Name Type References Description
Timestamp Datetime The timestamp of the event
AccountId String The account ID that initiated the event.
UserId Integer The user ID of the user who initiated the event.
Event String The action that took place.

The allowed values are export-board-activity-log, export-account-data, download-attachment, export-board, export-dashboard, export-content-directory, login, forgot-password, logout, failed-login, user-reactivated, user-deactivated, user-details-deleted, user-invite, cancel-user-invite, user-role-change, delete-board, delete-workspace, create-team, delete-team, security-settings-change, board-broadcast-enabled, add-user-to-team, remove-user-from-team, add-user-to-product, remove-user-from-product, add-team-to-product, remove-team-from-product, api-complexity-breach-over-time.

Slug String The slug of the event that took place.
IpAddress String The IP Address recorded for this event.
UserAgent String The User Agent of the event.
ClientName String Name of the software client.
ClientVersion String Version of the software client.
OsName String Name of the operating system.
OsVersion String Version of the operating system.
DeviceName String The name of the device.
DeviceType String The type of the device.
ActivityMetadata String Additional activity metadata for the event

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Build 23.0.8839