Power BI Connector for Neo4j

Build 23.0.8790

Getting Started

The CData Power BI Connector for Neo4j is built on top of an ODBC driver. This section discusses how to install the connector, create a DSN, and connect from Power BI.

Installing the Connector

Installing the Connector is a step-by-step guide for how to manage the installation process.

Creating a Data Source Name (DSN)

Creating the Data Source Name describes the process to authenticate and connect to Neo4j.

Neo4j Version Support

The connector leverages the Neo4j HTTP API. The connector supports self-managed instances of Neo4j version 4.2 and above. Cloud Neo4j instances like those of AuraDB and AuraDS, which only support connections via Bolt protocol, are not supported.

For an introduction to Visualizing Data using the CData Power BI Connector for Neo4j.

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Build 23.0.8790