Power BI Connector for Neo4j

Build 23.0.8790

Filtering Nodes and Relationships

The connector facilitates customization of how node labels and relationships are modeled.

Filtering Node Labels

By default, all labels across all nodes are exposed as views.

To expose only a subset of the labels in your node graph as views, set the NodeFilter connection property to a valid Cypher node label matching expression.

All of the node labels of the matched nodes are modeled as views.

For example, setting NodeFilter to "Label1" causes the connector to match all nodes containing the "Label1" label and model all of the node labels in the matched nodes as views.

Filtering Relationships

You can also limit which relationships are modeled as views.

The connector supports filtering relationships with respect to their type (the name of the relationship), their source node label, and their destination node label.

Relationship Type

By default, every unique combination of a source node label, relationship type, and destination node label is modeled as a view with the name SourceNodeLabel_RelationshipType_DestinationNodeLabel.

To filter out unwanted relationships from being exposed as views, set the RelationshipTypeFilter to a valid Cypher relationship type matching expression.

For example, setting RelationshipTypeFilter to "RelationshipType1" causes the connector to only model relationships with "RelationshipType1" as their type name as views.

Source and Destination Node Labels

You can filter the relationships exposed as views using source and destination node labels.

Set the RelationshipSourceFilter and RelationshipDestinationFilter connection properties to match relationships where the source and/or destination node(s) contain certain node labels.

Only relationships whose source and destination nodes meet the criteria outlined in these connection properties are exposed as views.

For example, setting RelationshipSourceFilter to "Label1" and RelationshipDestinationFilter to "LabelA" means that a relationship must contain the "Label1" label in the source node and the "LabelA" label in the destination node before it is exposed as a view.

You can specify either one or both of these properties.

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Build 23.0.8790