TDV Adapter for Databricks

Build 21.0.8137


The authentication scheme used. Accepted entries are PersonalAccessToken, AzureServicePrincipal.

Possible Values

PersonalAccessToken, AzureServicePrincipal

Data Type


Default Value



The adapter supports the following authentication mechanisms. See the Getting Started chapter for authentication guides.

  • PersonalAccessToken: Set this to authenticate with Databricks' access token.
  • AzureServicePrincipal: Set this along with AzureTenantId, AzureClientId, AzureClientSecret, AzureSubscriptionId, AzureResourceGroup and AzureWorkspace to authenticate with the Azure Service Principal. You should follow the instructions in to register an AzureAD application(client), and then follow the instructions in to make sure that the service principal is assigned the Contributor or Owner role on the target Databricks workspace resource in Azure.

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Build 21.0.8137