CData Python Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Build 23.0.8839

From SQLAlchemy

The CData Python Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a Dialect class that enables integration with SQLAlchemy. Bear in mind that several aspects of connector functionality are not currently supported in SQLAlchemy 2.0 or above. If necessary, downgrade SQLAlchemy to version 1.4 or 1.3 before using this connector.

The following sections detail various aspects of this integration:

Connecting From SQLAlchemy

To construct a URL with which SQLAlchemy loads and uses the appropriate connector automatically, see Connecting

Reflecting Metadata With SQLAlchemy

To learn how to model Microsoft Dynamics 365 tables with mapped classes, see Reflecting Metadata.

Querying Data From SQLAlchemy

To learn how to use mapped classes to query the associated tables, see Querying Data.

Modifying Data From SQLAlchemy

The connector provides INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE functionality in SQLAlchemy. To learn how to call the session's execute() method to affect the data in the data source, see Modifying Data.

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Build 23.0.8839