ADO.NET Provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Build 23.0.8839


Describes the available indexes. By filtering on indexes, you can write more selective queries with faster query response times.

The following query retrieves all indexes that are not primary keys:

          SELECT * FROM sys_indexes WHERE IsPrimary='false'


Name Type Description
CatalogName String The name of the database containing the index.
SchemaName String The name of the schema containing the index.
TableName String The name of the table containing the index.
IndexName String The index name.
ColumnName String The name of the column associated with the index.
IsUnique Boolean True if the index is unique. False otherwise.
IsPrimary Boolean True if the index is a primary key. False otherwise.
Type Int16 An integer value corresponding to the index type: statistic (0), clustered (1), hashed (2), or other (3).
SortOrder String The sort order: A for ascending or D for descending.
OrdinalPosition Int16 The sequence number of the column in the index.

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Build 23.0.8839