ADO.NET Provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Publish a Report

Follow the steps below to design a simple report using Tablix and publish the report from Visual Studio.

Design the Report

Use Tablix (table, list, and matrix) data regions as the base for the design of your report: Select a data region, such as a Table, in the Toolbox, and then click the design surface. The table is added to the designer. You can then drag columns from the dataset to columns in the table.

Preview and Publish the Report

To retrieve live data into the report, click the Preview tab in the Designer. For a parameterized query, specify a parameter and then click View Report.

To publish a report to a report server or to a SharePoint site, configure the report folder and the URL of the report server in the project properties:

  • If you are publishing to SharePoint, the values for all properties must be fully qualified URLs.
  • For example, a native mode report server has the following syntax: http://MyServerName/ReportServer. A SharePoint mode report server has the following syntax: http://MyServerName/MySite/MySubsite.
  • After you have defined the project configuration, you can deploy the report project or a single report by right-clicking the object in Solution Explorer and clicking Deploy.

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Build 23.0.8839