Excel Add-In for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Build 22.0.8462

Using the Excel Add-In

After Establishing a Connection, you can work with data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 from familiar tools in Excel.

Query Data

Click Edit Query from the ribbon to edit your query and pull data into the sheet and click Refresh Worksheet to refresh the sheet to pull in the latest changes. See Querying Data for a guide.

Updating Data

Select rows and click the Update Rows to post your changes to Microsoft Dynamics 365. See Modifying Data more information.

Using the Excel Add-In (VBA)

Write macros to automate working with Microsoft Dynamics 365. See Using the Excel Add-In (VBA) for a guide.

Writing Parameterized Queries

Create spreadsheets based on dynamic queries that use cell references as the input parameters. See Writing Parameterized Queries for examples.

CData Excel Formulas

Automate bidirectional operations using the corresponding formulas. See CData Excel Functions for a guide.

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Build 22.0.8462