JDBC Driver for Kingdee K3 WISE

Build 23.0.8839


Query t_WorkCenter in Kingdee.


Name Type Description
UUID [KEY] String Mapping to field t_Item.UUID
Number String Mapping to field t_Item.FNumber
Name String Mapping to field t_Item.FName
Parent String join with t_Item.FParentID
Level Long Mapping to field t_Item.FLevel
IsDetail Boolean Mapping to field t_Item.FDetail
DepartmentNumber String Mapping to field t_Item.FNumber join with t_WorkCenter.FDeptID
DepartmentName String Mapping to field t_Item.FName join with t_WorkCenter.FDeptID
DepartmentUUID String Mapping to t_Item.UUID join with t_WorkCenter.FDeptID
Note String Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FNote
Fkey Boolean Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.Fkey
FTeamTimeIDNumber String Mapping to field t_IcTeamTime.FBillNo join with t_WorkCenter.FTeamTimeID
FTeamTimeIDName String Mapping to field t_IcTeamTime.FName join with t_WorkCenter.FTeamTimeID
FTeamTimeIDUUID String Mapping to t_IcTeamTime.UUID join with t_WorkCenter.FTeamTimeID
FWorkNumber Decimal Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FWorkNumber
FDeviceNum Int Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FDeviceNum
FPersonNum Int Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FPersonNum
FEfficiency Decimal Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FEfficiency
FUseingRate Decimal Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FUseingRate
FWorkCapacity Decimal Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FWorkCapacity
FUnitCost Decimal Mapping to field t_WorkCenter.FUnitCost
FCapacityCalTypeNumber String Mapping to field t_SubMessage.FID join with t_WorkCenter.FCapacityCalType
FCapacityCalTypeName String Mapping to field t_SubMessage.FName join with t_WorkCenter.FCapacityCalType
FCapacityCalTypeUUID String Mapping to t_SubMessage.UUID join with t_WorkCenter.FCapacityCalType

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Build 23.0.8839