Cmdlets for GraphQL

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AuthScheme Parameter (Connect-GraphQL Cmdlet)

The type of authentication to use when connecting to remote services.


Connect-GraphQL -AuthScheme string

Possible Values

AwsCognitoSrp, None, AwsCognitoBasic, Basic, OAuth, OAuthPKCE

Data Type


Default Value




The following options are generally available to all connections:

  • None: Uses no authentication.
  • Basic: Uses Basic authentication with User and Password.
  • OAuth: Uses either OAuth1 or OAuth2, with the specific flow being determined by the OAuthGrantType. OAuthVersion must be set to determine what version of OAuth is used.
  • OAuthPKCE: Uses OAuth2 with the authorization code grant type and PKCE extension. OAuthClientId is the credential.
  • AwsCognitoSrp: Set to use Cognito based authentication. This is recommended over AwsCognitoBasic because this option does NOT send the password to the server for authentication, instead it uses the SRP protocol.
  • AwsCognitoBasic: Set to use Cognito based authentication.

This is a required parameter.

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Build 23.0.8839