CData Python Connector for GraphQL

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A filepath pointing to the JSON configuration file containing your custom views.

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User Defined Views are defined in a JSON-formatted configuration file called UserDefinedViews.json. The connector automatically detects the views specified in this file.

You can also have multiple view definitions and control them using the UserDefinedViews connection property. When you use this property, only the specified views are seen by the connector.

This User Defined View configuration file is formatted as follows:

  • Each root element defines the name of a view.
  • Each root element contains a child element, called query, which contains the custom SQL query for the view.

For example:

	"MyView": {
		"query": "SELECT * FROM Users WHERE MyColumn = 'value'"
	"MyView2": {
		"query": "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Id IN (1,2,3)"
Use the UserDefinedViews connection property to specify the location of your JSON configuration file. For example:
"UserDefinedViews", C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\tmp\UserDefinedViews.json
Note that the specified path is not embedded in quotation marks.

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Build 23.0.8839