ODBC Driver for GraphQL

Build 23.0.8839

Using Linked Server via SQL Gateway

The SQL Gateway is an installed application that allows you to connect to ODBC data sources as if they were virtual MySQL or SQL Server databases.

SQL Gateway

The CData SQL Gateway enables remote access to ODBC data sources as virtual SQL Server or MySQL databases. The SQL Gateway application listens on a configured port for requests made in the MySQL or TDS (SQL Server) wire protocols and responds to those by reading from and writing to the ODBC data source. This allows you to connect to any ODBC DSN from remote machines, using any application that can work with either MySQL or SQL Server.

Linked Server

CData supports creating a linked server in SQL Server Management Studio with our ODBC drivers. This section describes the benefits of using a linked server, how to create a linked server, metadata discovery using a linked server, and executing queries from the linked server.

MySQL Remoting

The CData ODBC Driver for GraphQL integrates with MySQL clients through MySQL virtualization managed through the CData SQL Gateway application. The SQL Gateway enables you to create MySQL interfaces for ODBC data sources.

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Build 23.0.8839