ODBC Driver for GraphQL

Build 23.0.8839


Obtains the OAuth access token to be used for authentication with data sources using OAuth.


Name Type Description
Other_Options String Other options to control behavior of OAuth.
Cert String Path for a personal certificate .pfx file. Only available for OAuth 1.0.
Cert_Password String Personal certificate password. Only available for OAuth 1.0.
AuthToken String The request token returned by GetOAuthAuthorizationUrl. Available only for OAuth 1.0.
AuthKey String The request secret key returned by GetOAuthAuthorizationUrl. Available only for OAuth 1.0.
AuthSecret String The legacy name for AuthKey, included for compatibility.
Sign_Method String The signature method used to calculate the signature for OAuth 1.0.

The allowed values are HMAC-SHA1, PLAINTEXT.

The default value is HMAC-SHA1.

GrantType String Authorization grant type. Only available for OAuth 2.0.

The allowed values are CODE, PASSWORD, CLIENT, REFRESH.

Post_Data String The post data to submit, if any.
AuthMode String The type of authentication mode to use.

The allowed values are APP, WEB.

The default value is WEB.

Verifier String The verifier code returned by the data source after permission for the app to connect has been granted. WEB AuthMode only.
Scope String The scope of access to the APIs. By default, access to all APIs used by this data provider will be specified.
CallbackURL String This field determines where the response is sent.
ApprovalPrompt String This field indicates if the user should be reprompted for consent. The default is AUTO, so a given user should only see the consent page for a given set of scopes the first time through the sequence. If set to FORCE, then the user sees a consent page even if they have previously given consent to your application for a given set of scopes.
AccessType String This field indicates if your application needs to access a Google API when the user is not present at the browser. This parameter defaults to ONLINE. If your application needs to refresh access tokens when the user is not present at the browser, then use OFFLINE. This will result in your application obtaining a refresh token the first time your application exchanges an authorization code for a user.
State String This field indicates any state that may be useful to your application upon receipt of the response. Your application receives the same value it sent, as this parameter makes a round-trip to Google authorization server and back. Uses include redirecting the user to the correct resource in your site, using nonces, and mitigating cross-site request forgery.
PKCEVerifier String The PKCEVerifier returned by GetOAuthAuthorizationURL. Only required when AuthScheme=OAuthPKCE.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
OAuthAccessToken String The authentication token returned from Google. This can be used in subsequent calls to other operations for this particular service.
OAuthAccessTokenSecret String The OAuth access token secret.
OAuthRefreshToken String A token that may be used to obtain a new access token.
ExpiresIn String The remaining lifetime on the access token.
* String Other outputs that may be returned by the data source.

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Build 23.0.8839