ODBC Driver for GraphQL

Build 23.0.8839

Metadata Discovery

This section describes how to discover metadata using the linked server. You can do so either through information schema queries or SQL Server Management Studio navigation.

Information Schema Queries

The information schema is a method SQL Server provides for obtaining metadata. You can query this schema to view SQL Server metadata, including lists of tables, columns, etc. on your linked server. INFORMATION_SCHEMA is the schema name used in SQL queries.

Below are examples of information schema queries:

Table Query

This query returns a list of tables in use on your linked server:
SELECT * FROM [Linked Server Name].[CData GraphQL Sys].[INFORMATION_SCHEMA].[tables] 

Columns Query

This query returns metadata information about the columns/fields on your linked server:
SELECT * FROM [Linked Server Name].[CData GraphQL Sys].[INFORMATION_SCHEMA].[columns] 

SSMS Navigation

You can also use the Object Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio to view metadata information on the linked server. To view the tables that are available through the linked server navigate to the Object Explorer and open Server Objects > Linked Servers > Name of your Linked Server > Catalogs > Name of your Catalog > Tables.

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Build 23.0.8839