JDBC Driver for GraphQL

Build 23.0.8839

Modeling GraphQL Data

This section shows how to control the various schemas that the driver offers to bridge the gap between relational SQL and GraphQL services.

Schema Introspection

GraphQL services offer a introspection query service which the driver can use to obtain view and column names.

All SCALAR mutation fields are exposed directly, and all object fields are expanded.


The driver will automatically scan for available Using Mutations. Given that there is no method provided by GraphQL for determining which mutations can be used for each table, each mutation is exposed as a stored procedure.

LIST fields are exposed as temporary tables (GraphQL tables of type TEMPORARY_TABLE). The discovered temporary tables can be obtained by querying the sys_tables and sys_tablecolumns system tables.

Customizing Schemas

Operations details the process for configuring custom schema files. Setting up these custom schema files is a required step in establishing a connection to GraphQL data.

System Tables

See System Tables to query the current table metadata.

Stored Procedures

The driver makes use of Stored Procedures to perform various functions, such as obtaining and refreshing OAuth tokens.

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Build 23.0.8839