TDV Adapter for GraphQL

Build 22.0.8462

Automatic Schema Discovery

By default, the adapter will automatically read metadata from GraphQL.

Schema Introspection

GraphQL services offer a introspection query service which the adapter can use to obtain view and column names.

A GraphQL introspection query service has a query object at its root. Other objects are nested into the root query object, which can in turn have their own nested objects.

The adapter reads LIST or Relay Connection type objects as views. If a field is SCALAR, it's read as a column, and if a field is a simple OBJECT, it is expanded.

Set the metadata introspection depth as follows:

  • ExpandTablesDepth: Setting to 0 will read only from the root query object. In scenarios where lists are nested in other lists, set the ExpandTablesDepth to the number of nested layers deep to be scanned.
  • ExpandColumnsDepth: This determines how many more layers deep (starting from the ExpandTablesDepth) to expand objects to include fields from their nested child objects.

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Build 22.0.8462