BizTalk Adapter for GraphQL

Build 21.0.7940

Establishing a Connection

To access GraphQL data in BizTalk, you need to configure the adapter and then configure the connection.

Configure the GraphQL Adapter

You can configure the adapter in the properties for the receive location or send port: Select the adapter in the Type menu, and then click Configure. You can then specify receive or transmit properties in the Transport Properties dialog that is displayed.

See Adapter Configuration for guides to configure the adapter for receive locations and send ports.

Configure the Connection

After you configure the adapter, you need to configure connection properties. In the Transport Properties dialog, click the button in the Connection String box. You can set connection properties in the dialog that is displayed.

Before Connecting

Before a connection to data can be made, custom schema files must first be configured to model the data being accessed.

See the Modeling GraphQL Data section for a breakdown of the custom schema creation process.

Connecting to GraphQL

Set the following to connect:

  • URL: Specify the URL of the GraphQL service;
  • Location: Set this to the file path containing the custom schemas defined earlier.

The driver supports two types of authentication:

  • Basic: Set AuthScheme to Basic. You must specify the User and Password of the GraphQL service.
  • OAuth 1.0 & 2.0: Please take a look at the Using OAuth Authentication section for detailed instructions.

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Build 21.0.7940