ODBC Driver for AlloyDB

Build 23.0.8839


Set this property to mock the Oracle DUAL table for better compatibility with Oracle database.

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Set this property to mock the Oracle DUAL table. This table is used by Oracle database in a few special cases. This property facilitates connectivity when accessing AlloyDB as a remote Oracle database through the ODBC Gateway. For example, in SQL Developer, this table is queried to test the connection.

When using the ODBC Gateway, set the following properties, as well:

MapToWVarchar=False Set this property to map string data types to SQL_VARCHAR instead of SQL_WVARCHAR. By default, the driver uses SQL_WVARCHAR to accommodate various international character sets. You can use this property to avoid the ORA-28528 Heterogeneous Services data type conversion error when the Unicode type is returned.
MaximumColumnSize=4000 Set this property to restrict the maximum column size to 4000 characters.
UpperCaseIdentifiers=True Set this property to avoid quoting identifiers. Use this property to report uppercase identifiers to Oracle. By default, Oracle stores identifiers in uppercase, so uppercase identifiers do not need to be escaped with quotes.

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Build 23.0.8839