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Onboarding API sends employee data into Paylocity Onboarding to help ensure an easy and accurate hiring process for subsequent completion into Web Pay.

Stored Procedures Specific Information

Paylocity allows multiple columns to be used in the Exec query. These columns can typically be used with only = comparison. FirstName and LastName params are required to execute this procedure. For example:
EXECUTE OnBoardingEmployee FirstName = 'EmpFirstName', LastName = 'EmpLastName', BaseRate = 350.0, CostCenter1 = '100', DefaultHours = '9', EmployeeStatus = 'A', MaritalStatus = 'S'


Name Type Required Description
FirstName String True Employee first name
LastName String True Employee last name.
EmployeeId String False Employee Id (optional)
Address1 String False Employee home 1st address line.
Address2 String False Employee home 2nd address line.
AutoPayType String False N- employee won't automatically receive a salary or hours during payroll, D - employee will be automatically paid in defaultHours during payroll, S - employee will be automatically paid Salary amount during payroll

使用できる値は次のとおりです。N, D, S

BaseRate Decimal False Employee home 2nd address line.
City String False Employee home city.
CostCenter1 String False Employer defined location, like *branch, division, department, etc.* Must match Company setup.
CostCenter2 String False Employer defined location, like *branch, division, department, etc.* Must match Company setup.
CostCenter3 String False Employer defined location, like *branch, division, department, etc.* Must match Company setup.
DefaultHours Decimal False Employee default hours consistently worked. If autoPayType is set to D, employee will be paid hourly base rate for the defaultHours
EmployeeStatus String False Employee current work status. Common values are *A (Active), L (Leave of Absence), T (Terminated)*.
EmploymentType String False Employee current employment type. Common values RFT *(Regular Full Time), RPT (Regular Part Time), SNL (Seasonal), TFT (Temporary Full Time), TPT (Temporary Part Time)*.
FederalFilingStatus String False Employee federal filing status. Common values *M (Married), S (Single)*.
Sex String False Employee gender. Common values *M (Male), F (Female)*.
HireDate Date False Employee hired date. Common formats are MM-DD-CCYY, CCYY-MM-DD
HomePhone String False Employee gender. Common values *M (Male), F (Female)*.
MaritalStatus String False Employee marital status. Common values *D (Divorced), M (Married), S (Single), W (Widowed)*.
PersonalMobilePhone String False Employee personal mobile phone number.
PayFrequency String False Employee current pay frequency. Common values are *A (Annual), B (Bi-Weekly), D (Daily), M (Monthly), S (Semi-Monthly), Q (Quarterly), W (Weekly)*.
PersonalEmailAddress String False Employee personal email address.
PayType String False Employee pay type. Valid values are *Hourly or Salary*.
RatePer String False Employee base rate frequency used with payType Hourly. Common values are *Hour or Week*. Default is Hour.
Salary Decimal False Employee gross salary per pay period used with payType Salary.
State String False Employee home state.
Ssn String False Employee social security number. Leave it blank if valid social security number not available.
StateFilingStatus String False Employee state filing status. Common values are *M (Married), S (Single)*.
SuiState String False Employee SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) state.
TaxForm String False Employee tax form for reporting income. Valid values are *W2, 1099M, 1099R*. Default is W2.
TaxState String False Employee primary tax state.
UserName String False Required. Employer assigned username to log into Onboarding. Duplicate usernames are not allowed. Must be between 3 and 20 characters and cannot have special characters other than . (period) and _ (underscore)
WorkEmailAddress String False Employee work email.
Zip String False Employee home zip code.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Status String Stored Procedure Execution Status

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