JDBC Driver for Oracle Service Cloud

Build 23.0.8839


An ID which has an associated name string. These IDs can be set by either value or name.

Table-Specific Information


The driver will use the Oracle Service Cloud API to process WHERE clause conditions built with = operator. Tablename and Columnname are required columns.

If you want to access the namedIds of columns inside a child table, then give the column value in the form of the tree substructure, after the parent table name, separated by "/". Use the same case for the columnname as mentioned in the Tables or Views.

For example: If you want to retrieve the addressType namedId for accountsEmails table. The tablename will be 'accounts' and the columnname will be 'emails/addressType'.

SELECT * FROM NamedIDs tablename = 'accounts' AND columnname = 'profiles'
SELECT * FROM NamedIDs tablename = 'accounts' AND columnname = 'emails/addressType'


Name Type Description
TableName String Table Name
ColumnName String Column Name
Id Long Id of namedId
LookUpName String LookUpName of NamedId

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Build 23.0.8839