JDBC Driver for Oracle Service Cloud

Build 23.0.8839


The driver models the data in Oracle Service Cloud as a list of tables in a relational database that can be queried using standard SQL statements.

CData JDBC Driver for Oracle Service Cloud Tables

Name Description
AccountGroups The language-specific strings used for localization of fields.
Accounts The account represents a staff member in Oracle B2C Service.
Answers The knowledge base information that provides solutions to the common customer support questions.
AnswerVersions The versioned instance of an answer. Answers are solutions to common customer support questions.
Assets The product or service associated with an organization's customers.
ContactMarketingRosters The information about the contact lists used in audiences in Oracle Service Cloud Outreach Cloud Service.
Contacts The customers or end users of Oracle B2C Service site.
Countries The details about the countries and provinces which are used to maintain accurate address information for the organizations and contacts in Oracle B2C Service.
EventSubscriptions The event-based subscription management object that allows external applications to discover objects that can be subscribed.
Holidays The list of holidays in your organization.
Incidents The question or the request for help submitted by a customer through the Ask a Question page, email, a chat session, site or answer feedback, or from an external source using the API.
Opportunities The information about a specific sale or a pending deal with a contact or an organization that is tracked and maintained in the Oracle B2C Service knowledge base.
Organizations The company, business unit of a large company, or government agency that has an organization record in the Oracle B2C Service knowledge base.
PurchasedProducts The information about a purchased product.
SalesProducts The items or services sold by an organization.
SalesTerritories The specific geographical sales region. Sales representatives can be assigned specific territories for opportunity assignment.
ServiceCategories The hierarchical service category that provides an option to group answers and incidents for better organization and refined searching in the knowledge base.
ServiceDispositions The hierarchical service disposition that provides an option for classifying and recording how incidents are ultimately resolved.
ServiceProducts The hierarchical service product that provides an option to group answers and incidents for better organization and refined searching in the knowledge base.
StandardContents The preformed text or HTML content that can be sent to customers when responding to incidents, appended to responses by a business rule, or sent by an agent during a chat session.
Tasks The information about an action or an activity scheduled to be completed within a specified time.
Variables A shortcut defined for a larger string that can be inserted in the body of an answer or inserted inline during a chat session.

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Build 23.0.8839