JDBC Driver for Oracle HCM Cloud

Build 22.0.8462




Name Type Description
RequisitionNumber String Requisition number in questions.
QuestionnaireId String Questionnaire ID.
QstnrVersionNumber String Questionnaire version number.
RequiredFlag Bool Indicates if the question is required to be answered.
AttributeName [KEY] String Attribute Name in questions.
MinimumLength String Minimum Length in questions.
MaximumLength String Maximum Length in questions.
MinimumDate Date Minimum date in questions.
MaximumDate Date Maximum date in questions.
MinimumSelections String Minimum Selections in questions.
MaximumSelections String Maximum Selections in questions.
Prompt String Prompt in questions.
UIDisplayType String UI display type in questions.
ConditionQuestionId String ID assigned to the question which entails an additional questionnaire.
ConditionQstnVersionNumber String Version number assigned to the additional questionnaire associated with the answer.
ConditionAnswerId String ID assigned to the answer which entails an additional questionnaire.
ConditionDisplay String Indicates if an additional questionnaire is associated with the answer.
Type String Type in questions.

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Build 22.0.8462