JDBC Driver for Oracle HCM Cloud

Build 22.0.8462




Name Type Description
RecruitingCEOfferDetailsOfferId String Finds a job offer using the primary key attribute of offer ID
AttachedDocumentId String The unique identifier of the attached document.
LastUpdateDate Datetime The date when the record was last updated.
LastUpdatedBy String The user who last updated the record.
DatatypeCode String A value that indicates the data type.
FileName String The file name of the attachment.
DmFolderPath String The folder path from which the attachment is created.
DmDocumentId String The document ID from which the attachment is created.
DmVersionNumber String The document version number from which the attachment is created.
Url String The URL of a web page type attachment.
CategoryName String The category of the attachment.
UserName String The login credentials of the user who created the attachment.
Uri String The URI of a Topology Manager type attachment.
FileUrl String The URI of the file.
UploadedText String The text content for a new text attachment.
UploadedFileContentType String The content type of the attachment.
UploadedFileLength String The size of the attachment file.
UploadedFileName String The name to assign to a new attachment file.
ContentRepositoryFileShared Bool Indicates whether the attachment is shared
Title String The title of the attachment.
Description String The description of the attachment.
ErrorStatusCode String The error code, if any, for the attachment.
ErrorStatusMessage String The error message, if any, for the attachment.
CreatedBy String The user who created the record.
CreationDate Datetime The date when the record was created.
FileContents String The contents of the attachment.
ExpirationDate Datetime The expiration date of the contents in the attachment.
LastUpdatedByUserName String The user name who last updated the record.
CreatedByUserName String The user name who created the record.
AsyncTrackerId String Attribute provided for the exclusive use by the Attachment UI components to assist in uploading files.
FileWebImage String The base64 encoded image of the file displayed in .png format if the source is a convertible image.
DownloadInfo String JSON object represented as a string containing information used to programmatically retrieve a file attachment.

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