JDBC Driver for Oracle HCM Cloud

Build 22.0.8462




Name Type Description
OfferId [KEY] String Unique number of the job offer.
OfferName String Name of the job offer.
Comments String Necessary comments related to the job offer.
AcceptedOnBehalf String Indicates that the job offer was accepted on behalf of the candidate.
AcceptedOnBehalfBy String Name of the person who accepted the job offer on behalf of the candidate.
AcceptedOnBehalfDate Datetime Date when the job offer was accepted on behalf of the candidate.
Phase String Phase of the job offer.
State String State of the job offer.
RequisitionNumber String Number of the job requisition associated with the job offer.
FullName String Full name of the candidate.
SigneeIpAddress String IP address of the candidate who accepted the job offer.
SignatureDate Datetime Date when the candidate signed the job offer.
HiringManagerName String Name of the hiring manager.
DisplayMode String Display mode.
CandidateNumber String Number of the candidate.
CandidateDisplayName String Display name of the candidate.
Description String Detailed description of the job offer provided by the offer creator.
ESignatureInstructions String Instructions for the e-signature.
RecCandidateType String Candidate type, that's external or internal.
SubmissionLanguageCode String Code of the language used for the candidate job application.
DeclineReasonsEnabledFlag Bool Indicates whether or not candidates can provide comments while declining the job offer.
PostAcceptMessage String Message shown to candidates after they accept the job offer.

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Build 22.0.8462