JDBC Driver for Oracle HCM Cloud

Build 22.0.8462




Name Type Description
Title String Title of a dictionary.
Attachment String Attachment for a dictionary.
EducationEstablishment String Education establishments included in a dictionary.
EducationLevels String Levels of education defined in the recruiting CE dictionaries.
Territory String Territory of a dictionary.
PhoneCountryCodeAttribute String Country code for a phone number.
ProfileRatingLevel String Level of profile rating in a dictionary
ProfileLocation String Location of a profile in a dictionary.
ProfileCurrency String Currency of a profile in a dictionary.
ProfileJobFamily String Job family of a profile in a dictionary.
GenericLookup String Generic look up for CE recruiting dictionaries.
ProfileContentItem String Item in the profile content of a dictionary.
StateOrProvince String State or province of a dictionary.
ProfileCountry String Country profile in a dictionary.

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Build 22.0.8462