JDBC Driver for Oracle HCM Cloud

Build 22.0.8462




Name Type Description
RecruitingCECandidateExtraInformationMetadataContextId String Finds all the extensible flexfield attributes that match the specific unique key.
Prompt String Defines the label to be shown for the attribute.
Name String Name of the context corresponding to the extensible flexfield attributes.
Type String Defines the type of values accepted by the attribute.
MaximumLength String Defines the maximum length this attribute can support.
Dictionary String Defines the dictionary using which the list of values can be retrieved for this attribute.
DefaultValue String Defines the default value of the attribute.
ControlType String Defines what's the control component to be displayed for this attribute.
AttributeId String Unique identifier for the extensible flexfield attributes in the metadata service.
ContextId String Unique identifier of the context in the metadata attributes.
IsReadOnly String Defines whether the attribute is read only or not.
IsRequired String Defines whether the attribute is mandatory or not.
ShowValueDescription String Defines the description of the attribute value.
DefinitionHelpText String Defines the help text that should be shown for the attribute.
IsUpperCaseOnly String Defines whether the attribute supports only upper case characters.
MaximumValue String Defines the maximum value of the attribute.
MinimumValue String Defines the minimum value of the attribute.
Precision String Defines the precision of the attribute value.
Scale String Defines the scale of the attribute.
CheckedValue String Defines what's the value to be saved when the check box attribute is selected.
NonCheckedValue String Defines the value to be saved when the attribute isn't selected.
DisplaySequence String Defines the order of displaying this attribute.
MultiRowUniqueKey String Indicates whether the current attribute is unique or not across different rows.
RightJustifiedZeroFilled String Fills the empty spaces with zeroes to the left of an existing value.

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Build 22.0.8462