JDBC Driver for Oracle HCM Cloud

Build 22.0.8462

SQL Functions

The driver provides functions that are similar to those that are available with most standard databases. These functions are implemented in the CData provider engine and thus are available across all data sources with the same consistent API. Three categories of functions are available: string, date, and math.

The driver interprets all SQL function inputs as either strings or column identifiers, so you need to escape all literals as strings, with single quotes. For example, contrast the SQL Server syntax and driver syntax for the DATENAME function:

  • SQL Server:
  • driver:

String Functions

These functions perform string manipulations and return a string value. See STRING Functions for more details.

SELECT CONCAT(firstname, space(4), lastname) FROM RecruitingCESites WHERE SiteName = 'Bob'

Date Functions

These functions perform date and date time manipulations. See DATE Functions for more details.


Math Functions

These functions provide mathematical operations. See MATH Functions for more details.

SELECT RAND() FROM RecruitingCESites

Function Parameters and Nesting SQL Functions

The driver supports column names, constants, and results of other functions as parameters to functions. The following are all valid uses of SQL functions:
SELECT CONCAT('Mr.', SPACE(2), firstname, SPACE(4), lastname) FROM RecruitingCESites

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Build 22.0.8462