Tableau Connector for Pipedrive

Build 23.0.8839


Returns data about all recent changes occurred after given timestamp.


The connector will use the Pipedrive API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the connector.

  • Id supports the '=' operator.
  • Item supports the '=' operator.
  • SinceTimestamp supports the '=' operator.

For example, the following query is processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Recents WHERE Id = 2
SELECT * FROM Recents WHERE Id = 2 and SinceTimestamp = '022-01-01 01:29:32'


Name Type Description
Id Integer Id.
DataActive Boolean DataActive.
DataActiveFlag Boolean DataActiveFlag.
DataActivitiesCount Integer DataActivitiesCount.
DataAddTime Datetime DataAddTime.
DataAssignedToUserId Integer DataAssignedToUserId.
DataAttendees String DataAttendees.
DataBusyFlag String Data BusyFlag.
DataCalendarSyncContext String DataCalendarSyncContext.
DataCcEmail String DataCcEmail.
DataCloseTime String DataCloseTime.
DataCompanyId Integer DataCompanyId.
DataConferenceMeetingClient String DataConferenceMeetingClient.
DataConferenceMeetingId String DataConferenceMeetingId.
DataConferenceMeetingUrl String DataConferenceMeetingUrl.
DataCreatedByUserId Integer DataCreatedByUserId.
DataCreatorUserId Integer DataCreatorUserId.
DataCurrency String DataCurrency.
DataDealDropboxBcc String DataDealDropboxBcc.
DataDealId String DataDealId.
DataDealTitle String DataDealTitle.
DataDeleted Boolean DataDeleted.
DataDone Boolean DataDone.
DataDoneActivitiesCount Integer DataDoneActivitiesCount.
DataDueDate Date DataDueDate.
DataDueTime Datetime DataDueTime.
DataDuration Datetime DataDuration.
DataEmailMessagesCount Integer DataEmailMessagesCount.
DataExpectedCloseDate Date DataExpectedCloseDate.
DataFileId String DataFile Id.
DataFileCleanName String DataFile clean name.
DataFileUrl String DataFile url.
DataFilesCount Integer DataFilesCount.
DataFirstWonTime String DataFirstWonTime.
DataFollowersCount Integer DataFollowersCount.
DataFormattedValue String DataFormattedValue.
DataFormattedWeightedValue String DataFormattedWeightedValue.
DataGcalEventId String DataGcalEventId.
DataGoogleCalendarEtag String DataGoogleCalendarEtag.
DataGoogleCalendarId String DataGoogleCalendarId.
DataId Integer DataId.
DataLabel String DataLabel.
ActivityDate String ActivityDate.
ActivityId String ActivityId.
IncomingMailTime String IncomingMailTime.
LastNotificationTime String Last_notification_time.
LastNotificationUserId String Last_notification_user_id.
LastOutgoingMailTime String Last_outgoing_mail_time.
LeadId String LeadId.
LeadTitle String LeadTitle.
Location String Location.
AreaLevel1 String AreaLevel1.
AreaLevel2 String AreaLevel2.
LocationCountry String LocationCountry.
LocationFormattedAddress String LocationFormattedAddress.
Locationlocality String Locationlocality.
LocationPostalCode String LocationPostalCode.
LocationRoute String LocationRoute.
LocationStreetNumber String LocationStreetNumber.
LocationSublocality String LocationSublocality.
LocationSubpremise String LocationSubpremise.
LostReason String LostReason.
LostTime String LostTime.
MarkedAsDoneTime String MarkedAsDoneTime.
NextActivityDate String NextActivityDate.
NextActivityDuration String NextActivityDuration.
NextActivityId String NextActivityId.
NextActivityNote String NextActivityNote.
NextActivitySubject String NextActivitySubject.
NextActivityTime String NextActivityTime.
NextActivityType String NextActivityType.
Note String Note.
NotesCount Integer NotesCount.
NotificationLanguageId Integer NotificationLanguageId.
OrgHidden Boolean OrgHidden.
OrgId Integer OrgId.
OrgName String OrgName.
OwnerName String OwnerName.
Participants String Participants.
ParticipantsCount Integer ParticipantsCount.
PersonDropboxBcc String PersonDropboxBcc.
PersonHidden Boolean PersonHidden.
PersonId Integer PersonId.
PersonName String PersonName.
PipelineId Integer PipelineId.
Probability String Probability.
ProductsCount Integer ProductsCount.
PublicDescription String PublicDescription.
RecMasterActivityId String RecMasterActivityId.
RecRule String RecRule.
RecRuleExtension String RecRuleExtension.
ReferenceId String ReferenceId.
ReferenceType String ReferenceType.
RottenTime String RottenTime.
Series String Series.
SourceTimezone String SourceTimezone.
StageChangeTime String StageChangeTime.
StageId Integer StageId.
StageOrderNr Integer StageOrderNr.
Status String Status.
Subject String Subject.
DataTitle String DataTitle.
DataType String DataType.
UndoneActivitiesCount Integer UndoneActivitiesCount.
UpdateTime Datetime UpdateTime.
UpdateUserId String UpdateUserId.
UserId Integer UserId.
Value Integer Value.
VisibleTo String VisibleTo.
WeightedValue Integer WeightedValue.
WeightedValueCurrency String WeightedValueCurrency.
WonTime String WonTime.
Item String Item.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
SinceTimestamp Datetime Timestamp in UTC.

デフォルト値は2000-01-01 01:29:32です。

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Build 23.0.8839