Tableau Connector for Pipedrive

Build 23.0.8839


connector はPipedrive のデータを、標準のSQL ステートメントを使用してクエリできるリレーショナルデータベースのテーブルのリストとしてモデル化します。

CData Tableau Connector for Pipedrive テーブル

Name Description
Activities Get all Activities assigned to a particular User.
ActivityTypes Get all ActivityTypes.
CallLogs Returns all call logs assigned to a particular user.
DealFields Returns data about all deal fields.
Deals Get all deals.
DealsFollowers Get details of deals followers.
DealsParticipants Get details of deals participants.
DealsProducts Get details of deals products.
Files Returns data about all files.
Filters Returns data about all filters.
Goals Goals help your team meet your sales targets.
LeadLabels Returns details of all Lead Labels.
Leads Returns lead data.
MailThreads Get, Update and Delete mail threads in a specified folder ordered by the most recent message within.
NoteComments Create, Update, Delete and Get the comments associated with a note.
Notes Returns all notes.
OrganizationFields Returns data about all organization fields.
OrganizationRelationships Gets all of the relationships.
Organizations Get details of organizations
OrganizationsFollowers Get details of organizations followers.
OrganizationsInternal Get details of organizations.
PersonFields Returns data about all person fields.
PersonFollowers Get details of persons followers.
Persons Get all details of persons.
Pipelines Get all Pipelines.
ProductFields Returns data about all product fields.
Products Get details of Products
ProductsFollowers Get details of products followers.
Roles Returns all the role.
RolesAssignments List assignments for a role.
RolesSetting Returns all the roles settings.
Stages Returns data about all stages.
Subscriptions Returns details of an installment or a recurring Subscription
Users Returns data about all users within the company

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Build 23.0.8839