FireDAC Components for Salesloft

Build 23.0.8839

CData FireDAC Components for Salesloft


The CData FireDAC Components for Salesloft allow you to use FireDAC classes to build applications with bidirectional access to Salesloft. FireDAC provides a unified, high performance data access layer for working with enterprise databases in RAD Studio. The components abstract the underlying data source into tables, views, and stored procedures that can be used to both retrieve and update data.

Getting Started

Getting Started explains how to connect with the Data Explorer and create a simple VCL application with the Form Designer. Using the FireDAC Components describes how to use the components from code.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features details additional features supported by the component, such as defining user defined views, ssl configuration, remoting, caching, firewall/proxy settings, and advanced logging.

SQL Compliance

SQL Compliance the SQL syntax and examples.

Data Model

Data Model lists the tables, views, and stored procedures available for the components.

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Build 23.0.8839