Cmdlets for Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT

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Returns a list of educations for all constituent or a specified constituent

Table Specific Information


The cmdlet will use the BlackBaud Raiser's Edge NXT API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the cmdlet.

  • Id supports the '=' operator.
  • ConstituentId supports the '=' operator.
  • DateAdded supports the '>=,>' operators.
  • DateModified supports the '>=,>' operators.
For example:
	SELECT * FROM Educations WHERE ConstituentId = '280'
	SELECT * FROM Educations WHERE DateAdded >= '2010-06-01 14:03:35'	


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The immutable system record ID of the education.
Campus String The campus.
ClassOf String The year the constituent graduated.
ClassOfDegree String The class of degree.
ConstituentId String


The immutable system record ID of the constituent associated with the education.
DateAdded Datetime The date when the education was created.
DateEnteredD Integer The first day of attendance.
DateEnteredM Integer The first month of attendance.
DateEnteredY Integer The first year of attendance.
DateGraduatedD Integer The graduation day.
DateGraduatedM Integer The graduation month.
DateGraduatedY Integer The graduation year.
DateLeftD Integer The last day of attendance.
DateLeftM Integer The last month of attendance.
DateLeftY Integer The last year of attendance.
DateModified Datetime The date when the education was last modified.
Degree String The degree received.
Department String The name of the education department.
Faculty String The name of the faculty.
Gpa Double The grade point average.
KnownName String The known name.
Majors String The major courses of study.
Minors String The minor courses of study.
Primary Boolean Indicates whether this is the constituent's primary school association.
RegistrationNumber String The registration number.
School String The school name.
SocialOrganization String The social organization.
Status String The status of the education.
SubjectOfStudy String The subject of study.
Type String The type of education.

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Build 21.0.7930