Cmdlets for Workday

Build 22.0.8397


Returns all classes accessible by the current user


Name Type References Description
class1_id String Class id
class1_descriptor String Class descriptor
classOfInstance1_id String Class of Instance id
classOfInstance1_descriptor String Class of Instance descriptor
superclasses String Superclasses
instanceSet1_id String Instance Set id
instanceSet1_descriptor String Instance Set descriptor
name1 String Name
metadata Bool Metadata
countClassReportFieldForClass Int Count Class Report Field for Class
totalInstancesOfClassIncludingSubclasses Int Total Instances of Class Including Subclasses
comment String Comment
classReportFieldsForClassAndSuperClasses String Class Report Fields for Class and Super Classes
translatableDataForClassOrSupersOrSubs String Translatable Data for Class or Supers or Subs
securityGroups1 String Security Groups
iManSetupDataClass_id String iMan Setup Data class id
iManSetupDataClass_descriptor String iMan Setup Data class descriptor
setupDataClass_id String Setup Data class id
setupDataClass_descriptor String Setup Data class descriptor
workdayID String Workday ID
businessObjectName String Business Object Name
customerAccessibleReportFields String Customer Accessible Report Fields
customerAccessibleDataSources String Customer Accessible Data Sources
secured_id String Secured id
secured_descriptor String Secured descriptor
effectiveAsOfDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
effectiveAsOfMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source

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Build 22.0.8397