Cmdlets for Workday

Build 22.0.8479


Accesses Pre-Hire as the primary object and returns one row per pre-hire. Includes all pre-hires as well as pre-hires converted to hires. Does not contain built-in prompts.


Name Type References Description
classOfInstance1_id String Class of Instance id
classOfInstance1_descriptor String Class of Instance descriptor
cf_WorkerCountryISOCodeOnExpensePayee String Worker Country ISO Code on Expense Payee
pre_Hire_id String Pre-Hire id
pre_Hire_descriptor String Pre-Hire descriptor
source_id String Source id
source_descriptor String Source descriptor
referredBy String Referred by
pre_HirePools String Pre-Hire Pools
datePre_HireAddedToSystem Date Date Pre-Hire Added to System
notEligibleForHireComment String Eligible for Rehire Comment
comment String Comment
resume String Resume
pre_HireConsideration String Pre-Hire Consideration
availableForHire Bool Available For Hire
roleName String Role Name
email_Primary String Email - Primary
phone_Primary String Phone - Primary
organizationRoleAssignments String Organization Role Assignments
integrationIdentifier String Integration Identifier
organizationRoles String Organization Roles
externalIDForSystemID String External ID for System ID
raceEthnicity_id String Race/Ethnicity id
raceEthnicity_descriptor String Race/Ethnicity descriptor
effectiveAsOfDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
effectiveAsOfMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source

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Build 22.0.8479