Cmdlets for Workday

Build 22.0.8397


Accesses the Compensation Rule as its primary object. The Compensation Rule object returns one row per Compensation Rule. Includes all Compensation Rules. Does not contain any built-in prompts.


Name Type References Description
classOfInstance1_id String Class of Instance id
classOfInstance1_descriptor String Class of Instance descriptor
positionsAndPositionGroupsSelectedByCompensationRule String Positions and Position Groups Selected by Compensation Rule
compensationRuleName String Compensation Rule Name
compensationRuleAssignment_id String Compensation Rule Assignment id
compensationRuleAssignment_descriptor String Compensation Rule Assignment descriptor
compensationComponents String Compensation Components
employeesSelectedByCompensationRule String Employees Selected by Compensation Rule
compensationGradeProfiles String Compensation Grade Profiles
compensationGrades String Compensation Grades
compensationPlans String Compensation Plans
compensationPackages String Compensation Packages
workdayID String Workday ID
compensationEligibilityRule_id String Compensation Eligibility Rule id
compensationEligibilityRule_descriptor String Compensation Eligibility Rule descriptor
referenceID String Reference ID
createdMoment Date Created Moment
lastFunctionallyUpdated Date Last Functionally Updated
currentOMSVersion_id String Current OMS Version id
currentOMSVersion_descriptor String Current OMS Version descriptor
effectiveAsOfDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
effectiveAsOfMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source

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Build 22.0.8397