Cmdlets for Workday

Build 22.0.8397


Accesses the Bonus Plan as the primary object and returns one row per bonus plan. Includes all active bonus plans. Does not contain built-in prompts. The data source delivers the additions and removals for bonus plans over time.


Name Type References Description
classOfInstance1_id String Class of Instance id
classOfInstance1_descriptor String Class of Instance descriptor
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToHourly Bool Compensation Plan = Hourly
cf_FrequencyForCompensationPlan_id String Frequency for Compensation Plan id
cf_FrequencyForCompensationPlan_descriptor String Frequency for Compensation Plan descriptor
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToAllowance Bool Compensation Plan = Allowance
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToBonus Bool Compensation Plan = Bonus
cf_CompensationPlanTypeEqualToMerit Bool Compensation Plan Type = Merit
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToCommission Bool Compensation Plan = Commission
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToStock Bool Compensation Plan = Stock
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToSalaryPlanUnitPeriodOrSalary Bool Compensation Plan = Salary Plan (Unit, Period or Salary)
compensationPlanName String Compensation Plan Name
description String Description
compensationPlanDefaults_id String Compensation Plan Defaults id
compensationPlanDefaults_descriptor String Compensation Plan Defaults descriptor
compensationPlanProcessHistory String Compensation Plan Process History
compensationPackages String Compensation Packages
eligibilityRules String Eligibility Rules
compensationPlan_id String Compensation Plan id
compensationPlan_descriptor String Compensation Plan descriptor
positionsInCompensationPlan String Positions in Compensation Plan
employeesInCompensationPlan String Employees in Compensation Plan
calculationType_id String Calculation Type id
calculationType_descriptor String Calculation Type descriptor
calculation_id String Calculation id
calculation_descriptor String Calculation descriptor
effectiveAsOfDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
effectiveAsOfMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source

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Build 22.0.8397