Cmdlets for Workday

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MetadataFilters Parameter (Connect-Workday Cmdlet)

Specifies what types of fields are ignored by the provider.


Connect-Workday -MetadataFilters string

Data Type


Default Value



Several types of fields in Workday are slow to read or are common sources of query errors. Excluding these fields at the 本製品 level allows for faster and more reliable queries without explicitly excluding these columns for every query. If a field is included in this property, it does not show up in table metadata and it cannot be used in queries.

This property can be set to a comma-separated list containing any combination of the following field types. For example, Calculated,MultiInstance will exclude both calculated and multi-instance fields.

  • Calculated Calculated fields require additional processing in Workday that can slows down queries. These fields typically start with a "cf_" prefix.
  • MultiInstance Multi-instance fields are lists of IDs which refer to other Workday records. These lists can be large, which leads to slower queries because Workday must collect and format the entire list before returning it.
  • Undefined Undefined fields are listed as being part of a WQL data source, but don't have a separate field definition. This can lead to errors when querying them because Workday cannot find their metadata.

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Build 22.0.8479