Cmdlets for Workday

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ExpandIDTypes Parameter (Connect-Workday Cmdlet)

Whether to expand multiple ID types when they appear in reports. Only has an effect for queries using the Reports as a Service (RaaS) API.


Connect-Workday -ExpandIDTypes SwitchParameter

Data Type


Default Value



Every Workday entity is identified by a WID (a GUID generated by Workday) but some types of entities have other types of identifiers. For example, a Workday country record for the United States would be identified using the "US" country code in addition to its WID.

By default the {i collects all these IDs under one column and produce an aggregate. This is the value of the Country_Reference.ID column for the US record:

    <wd:ID type="WID">abcdef1234567890</wd:ID>
    <wd:ID type="Country_Code">US</wd:ID>

If this option is enabled, the {i instead produces a separate column for each ID type. For the US record:

  • The column Country_Reference.ID.WID is set to abcdef1234567890
  • The column Country_Reference.ID.Country_Code is set to US

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Build 22.0.8397