ODBC Driver for Workday

Build 22.0.8479


Accesses the Merit Plan as the primary object and returns one row per plan. Includes all active and inactive plans. Does not contain any built-in prompts. The data source delivers the additions and removals for plans over time.


Name Type References Description
classOfInstance1_id String Class of Instance id
classOfInstance1_descriptor String Class of Instance descriptor
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToHourly Bool Compensation Plan = Hourly
cf_FrequencyForCompensationPlan_id String Frequency for Compensation Plan id
cf_FrequencyForCompensationPlan_descriptor String Frequency for Compensation Plan descriptor
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToAllowance Bool Compensation Plan = Allowance
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToBonus Bool Compensation Plan = Bonus
cf_CompensationPlanTypeEqualToMerit Bool Compensation Plan Type = Merit
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToCommission Bool Compensation Plan = Commission
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToStock Bool Compensation Plan = Stock
cf_CompensationPlanEqualToSalaryPlanUnitPeriodOrSalary Bool Compensation Plan = Salary Plan (Unit, Period or Salary)
compensationPlanName String Compensation Plan Name
description String Description
compensationPlanDefaults_id String Compensation Plan Defaults id
compensationPlanDefaults_descriptor String Compensation Plan Defaults descriptor
compensationPlanProcessHistory String Compensation Plan Process History
compensationPackages String Compensation Packages
eligibilityRules String Eligibility Rules
compensationPlan_id String Compensation Plan id
compensationPlan_descriptor String Compensation Plan descriptor
positionsInCompensationPlan String Positions in Compensation Plan
employeesInCompensationPlan String Employees in Compensation Plan
workdayID String Workday ID
referenceID1 String Reference ID
effectiveAsOfDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
effectiveAsOfMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryDate Date Pseudo-column used to filter the data source
entryMoment Datetime Pseudo-column used to filter the data source

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Build 22.0.8479