ODBC Driver for Workday

Build 22.0.8479


General Changes

  • Added support for OAuth JWT authentication, and enhanced the documentation around the process of creating ISUs and configuring their authentication. The driver supports both OAuthJWT for ISUs using a normal API Client as well as OAuth with an API Client for Integrations.
  • Added support for OAuth authentication (both authorization code and JWT) to SOAP. SOAP now supports every authentication method that WQL/RaaS do as well as Basic authentication. Basic authentication remains the default for SOAP.
  • Added the Default column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
  • Added support for ExpandMultiValues. When enabled, multi-instance ID values are expanded into multiple rows so that individual IDs can be read without parsing JSON or XML aggregates. This also applies to single-instance ID values when using Reports as a Service without ExpandIDTypes.
  • Updated embedded JRE to jre8u345-b01(Linux x64 / MacOS x64) and jre-17.0.5+8(MacOS aarch64).
  • Added the IsPath column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
  • Added support for ExpandIDTypes. When enabled, ID values in reports are reported as multiple columns (one per ID type) instead of one XML aggregate column.
  • We now support handling the keyword "COLLATE" as standard function name as well.
  • Improved performance around WQL metadata fetching. The driver can fetch table and field listings in parallel which is significantly faster for larger data sources like workers.
  • Added support for WQL prompts and data source filters. Prompt support works the same way as reports. Data source filters currently have limited support, they are only used when required and the driver will automatically pick one to use.
  • Updated VC++ redistributable Libraries to Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable 14.32
  • Added support for accessing Reports as a Service (RaaS). RaaS reports can be queried by setting the UseWQL connection property to true (default), and providing the driver with a report that lists out all RaaS-accessible reports via the CustomReportURL connection property. The driver has support for setting prompt values as well as flattening complex report values.
  • Added support for the WQL API. The WQL API is newer than the SOAP API from Workday, and has far better support for metadata, limiting service results, filtering, and server side operations such as aggregation and grouping.

  • Changed the default API from SOAP to WQL. This can be configured via the UseWQL connection property.
  • Changed to install .NET 4.0 instead of .NET 2.0 during default installation when both are present.
  • Added support for transactions.
  • Changed the default primary key column for the the Learning.LearningLessons table. Removed the Learning_Lesson_Reference_WID column as it does not appear to actually come back.
  • Changed the default primary key column for the the Learning.LearningPrograms and LearningPrograms child tables. Removed the Learning_Program_Reference_WID column as it does not appear to actually come back.
  • Added support for the STRING_SPLIT table-valued function in the CROSS APPLY clause.
  • Changed the default primary key column for the the Learning.LearningDigitalCourses and LearningDigitalCourses child tables. Removed the Learning_Digital_Course_Reference_WID column as it does not appear to actually come back.
  • Added the KeySeq column to the sys_foreignkeys table.
  • Added the new sys_primarykeys system table.
  • Added support for the Array data type for the input parameters in stored procedures.
  • Updated the Literal Function Names for relative date/datetime functions. Previously relative date/datetime functions resolved to a different value when used in the projection vs te predicate. Ie: SELECT LAST_MONTH() AS lm, Col FROM Table WHERE Col > LAST_MONTH(). Formerly the two LAST_MONTH() methods would resolve to different datetimes. Now they will match.
  • As a replacement for the previous behavior, the relative date/datetime functions in the criteria may have an 'L' appended to them. Ie: WHERE col > L_LAST_MONTH(). This will continue to resolve to the same values that previously were calculated in the criteria. Note that the "L_" prefix will only work in the predicate - it not available for the projection.
  • Added the TCP Logging Module for the logging information happening on the TCP wire protocol. The transport bytes that are incoming and ongoing will be logged at verbosity=5.
  • Exposed the InitiateOAuth connection property.
  • Add new hidden property SupportNativeDataType support.
  • Support JAVA_HOME setting in confirgure file.
  • The default WSDLVersion has been updated to v36.1.
  • Adding the SqlMaxColumnNameLen connection property.
  • Added support for handling client side formulas during insert / update. For example: UPDATE Table SET Col1 = Concat(Col1, " - ", Col2) WHERE Col2 LIKE 'A%'
  • Updated how display sizes are determined for varchar primary key and foreign key columns so they will match the reported length of the column.
  • Non-conditional updates between two columns is now available to all drivers. For example: UPDATE Table SET Col1=Col2

  • Reduced the length to 255 for varchar primary key and foreign key columns.
  • Updated implicit and metadata caching to improve performance and support for multiple connections. Old metadata caches are not compatible - you would need to generate new metadata caches if you are currently using CacheMetadata.
  • Updated index naming convention to avoid duplicates
  • Updated and standardized Getting Started connection help.
  • Added the Advanced Features section to the help of all drivers.
  • Categorized connection property listings in the help for all editions.
  • ODBC Drivers on the Linux and Mac now depend on the JRE, which brings improved stability and performance.
04/15 /20217775GeneralChanged
  • Kerberos authentication is updated to use TCP by default, but will fall back to UDP if a TCP connection cannot be established
  • Made a significant performance improvement. Retrieval for multiple pages of data is now ~4-5x faster.

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Build 22.0.8479