Tableau Connector for Workday

Build 20.0.7740


Contains data for a Headcount Plan Structure.


Name Type References Description
Headcount_Plan_Structure_ID String A unique identifier for a Headcount Plan Structure.
Headcount_Plan_Structure_Name String The Name of the Headcount Plan Structure.
Link_to_Financial_Budget Bool Select this box if you would like to link your headcount plan to a financial budget. This will require you to use the existing fiscal schedule used for your financial budget and to select Company as a dimension for your headcount plan.
Statistic_Type_Reference String The statistic types that the Headcount Plan Structure is planned by - FTE and/or Headcount.
Dimension_Reference String Dimensions for the Headcount Plan Structure.
Headcount_Plan_Structure_Schedule_Data String Contains the data for the Headcount Plan S

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Build 20.0.7740