Tableau Connector for Workday

Build 20.0.7740


Hold detail information to describe succession pool and contains memberships node.


Name Type References Description
ID String Holds Reference_ID of Job Profile Succession Plan.
Name String Holds Succession Plan Name attribute value.
Description String Holds Succession Plan Description attribute value.
Inactive Bool Holds Succession Plan Inactivate boolean value.
Restricted_View Bool Restricted Succession pool holds a boolean value. This Boolean value is used to specify if the succession plan is restricted or not.
Exclude_from_Termination Bool This Boolean value is used to specify if the Succession/Talent pool will be excluded from processing during the Remove Worker from Talent business process
Job_Profile_Reference String Holds Job Profile reference for this succession plan.
Succession_Pool_Candidate String Holds Reference to Succession Pool Candidate instance.

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Build 20.0.7740