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CData Tableau Connector for Workday ビュー

Name Description
AdHocLocations Ad Hoc Location information.
AdHocLocations_Academic_Unit_Shareable_Data Academic Unit Data with Shareable with Subordinates Data
AdHocLocations_Contact_Information_Data All of the person's contact data (address, phone, email, instant messenger, web address).
MarketingActivityDefinitions Contains all the data for the Put Marketing Activity Definition request
RecruitingRegions Wrapper element for the Recruiting Region Information.
RecruitingRegions_Integration_ID_Data Contains external system name and its corresponding ID that can be used to match data between systems during an integration.
RecruitingRegions_Recruiting_Region_Criteria_Data Wrapper element for the Has Academic Unit Data which contains an Academic Unit and Academic Level
SearchServiceDefinitions Search Service Definition for Web Service
StudentProspectStageProgressionRules Web Service element for Admission Stage Progression Rule data
StudentRecruiters Contains Person Data, Region, and Recruiting Discipline information for a Student Recruiter
StudentRecruitingCampaigns Contains Student Recruiting Campaign Response Data
StudentRecruitingCycles Wrapper element for the Student Recruiting Cycle data.
StudentRecruitingCycles_Academic_Unit_Subedit_Data Wrapper element for the Has Academic Unit Data which contains an Academic Unit and Academic Level
StudentRecruitingEventRegistrationRecords Student Recruiting Event Registration Record Data
StudentRecruitingEvents Returns information for Student Recruiting Event
StudentRecruitingEvents_Student_Recruiting_Event_Engagement_Data Student Recruiting Event Engagement Data of Student Recruiting Event
StudentRecruitingNotes Student Recruiting Note
StudentRecruitingRatingAssignments Element Container for Student Recruiting Rating Assignment Data
StudentRecruitingRatingScales Element Container for Student Recruiting Rating Scale Data.
StudentRecruitingReferralSources Element Container for Student Recruiting Referral Source Data
StudentRecruitments Student Recruitment Response Data element
StudentRecruitments_Academic_Period_Subedit_Data Contains Academic Period information for a Student Prospect
StudentRecruitments_Academic_Unit_Subedit_Data Contains Academic Unit information for a Student Prospect
StudentRecruitments_Contact_Information_Data All of the person's contact data (address, phone, email, instant messenger, web address).
StudentRecruitments_Legal_Name_Data Contains the legal name for a person. A person must name one and only one legal name.
StudentRecruitments_Non_Effective_Dated_Web_Service_Additional_Data Non Effective Dated Web Service Additional Data added for Custom Objects
StudentRecruitments_Personal_Profile_Data Contains personal information of the Student Prospect.
StudentRecruitments_Person_Identification_Data Wrapper for Person Identification Data. Includes National Identifiers, Government Identifiers, Visa Identifiers, Passport Identifiers, License Identifiers and Custom Identifiers.
StudentRecruitments_Self_Identification_Data Contains Self Identification Data (Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Pronoun) for a Student Prospect.
StudentRecruitments_Social_Network_Account_Data A social network account for a person
StudentRecruitments_Student_Preliminary_Award_Data Element Container for Student Preliminary Award Subedit Data
StudentRecruitments_Student_Prospect_Friends_and_Family_Data Contains Student Proxy information for a Student Prospect
StudentRecruitments_Student_Prospect_School_Data Contains Institution and Institution Attendance information

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