Tableau Connector for Workday

Build 20.0.7740


Encapsulating element containing all Bonus Plan Compensation data.


Name Type References Description
Position_Position_Reference_WID String


The unique identifier type. Each
Bonus_Plan_Reference_WID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Bonus_Plan_Reference_Compensation_Plan_ID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Manage_by_Compensation_Basis_Override_Amount Decimal This field allows an override amount to be specified for workerswho are managed by compensation basis.
Guaranteed_Minimum Bool If true, employee is guaranteed the minimum for the bonus plan.
Percent_Assigned Decimal Percent of the bonus assigned. If none entered, default is 100%.
Actual_End_Date Date Actual End Date for the plan assignment.
Fixed_for_Manage_by_Basis_Total Bool This field allows a plan assignment for a remainder plan in the compensation basis algorithm to be considered a fixed plan assignment. This field is only valid for plans in the PCB of a worker that is managed by basis total where the plan allows override. The flag will be ignored if the conditions are not met.

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Build 20.0.7740