Tableau Connector for Workday

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CData Tableau Connector for Workday ビュー

Name Description
BankInstitutionRecordBranches Bank Institution Record Branch
CompanyCreditorIdentifiers Contains the fields associated with a Company Creditor Identifier as used for Direct Debit Mandates.
DirectDebitMandates Direct Debit Mandate Data
EscheatmentItems Information about Escheatment Item
MiscellaneousPayeeCategories This element is the wrapper element for all Miscellaneous Payee Category data
MiscellaneousPayees This element contains Miscellaneous Payee attributes.
MiscellaneousPaymentRequestCategory Contains miscellaneous payment request category references and data.
MiscellaneousPaymentRequests Element containing all information of a Miscellaneous Payment Request
OutsourcedBankProviders Element containing all Outsourced Bank Provider.
PaymentIntegrations Payment Integration wrapper element that contains the Payment Integration
PaymentIntegrations_Payment_Integration_Additional_Data Element containing additional Payment Integration data.
PaymentIntegrations_Payment_Integration_Data This Element contains Payment Integration attributes.
PaymentMessages Payment Message Data
Payments Payment Data
PaymentTypes Contains data for a given Payment Type object
SettlementRunCustomFilters Settlement Run Custom Filter
StopItems Stores information about a Stop Item

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Build 20.0.7740