Tableau Connector for Workday

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Business Entity Alternate Name Data


Name Type References Description
Customer_Customer_Reference_WID String


The unique identifier type. Each
Alternate_Name String Business Entity Alternate Name
Alternate_Name_Usage_Reference String Reference to an existing Business Entity Alternate Name Usage. The Usages are supplied by Workday. Valid values for Supplier are: IRS_1099_RECIPIENT, REMIT_TO_ADDRESSEE_1. REMIT_TO_ADDRESSEE_2, REMIT_TO_ADVICE_NAME, REMIT_TO_PAYEE. Valid values for Customer are: REMIT_TO_ADDRESSEE_1. REMIT_TO_ADDRESSEE_2, REMIT_TO_ADVICE_NAME, REMIT_TO_PAYEE, BILL_TO_ADDRESSEE_1, BILL_TO_ADDRESSEE_2

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Build 20.0.7740