Tableau Connector for Workday

Build 20.0.7740


Resource Pool Hierarchy Data Element used in Resource Pool Hierarchy Web Service Task.


Name Type References Description
Resource_Pool_Hierarchy_ID String Resource Pool Hierarchy ID.
Resource_Pool_Hierarchy_Name String Resource Pool Hierarchy Name is Required.
Include_Resource_Pool_Hierarchy_ID_in_Name Bool Boolean value indicating if the Resource Pool Hierarchy ID will be included in the display of Resource Pool Hierarchy Name.
Inactive Bool Indicates the resource pool hierarchy is inactive. A resource pool hierarchy may also be inactivated by a parent resource pool hierarchy as indicated by the 'Inactivated By Hierarchy Reference'. In which case, the current resource pool hierarchy is considered Inactive even though this Boolean returns False. Changes to an inactive hierarchy are ignored. Reactivating a resource pool hierarchy can only be done on the hierarchy if it was explicitly marked 'Inactive' or by reactivating the hierarchy that made the current hierarchy inactive.
Description String Resource Pool Hierarchy Description.
Inactivated_By_Reference String This information is for outbound purposes only. Workday doesn't process this information for inbound Web Service requests.
Parent_Reference_WID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Parent_Reference_Resource_Pool_Hierarchy_ID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Included_Resource_Pools_Reference String Resource Pools rolled up under Resource Pool Hierarchy.

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Build 20.0.7740