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Ticket Details Data for a Credit Card Transaction of Air Travel.


Name Type References Description
ExpenseCreditCardTransaction_Expense_Credit_Card_Transaction_Reference_WID String


The unique identifier type. Each
Ticket_Details_Id String Ticket ID
Booking_Date Date Booking Date for Ticket Details
Commodity_Code String Commodity Code
Computer_Reservation_System String Computer Reservation System
Customer_Code String Customer Code
Departure_Tax_Amount Decimal Departure Tax Amount
Domestic_Indicator Bool Domestic Indicator
Exchange_Fee_Amount Decimal Exchange Fee Amount
Exchange_Ticket_Indicator Bool Exchange Ticket Indicator
Exchange_Ticket_Amount Decimal Exchange Ticket Amount
Exchange_Ticket_Number String Exchange Ticket Number
Exchange_Ticket_Number_2 String Exchange Ticket Number 2
Fare_Block_One String Fare Block One
Fare_Block_Two String Fare Block Two
Fare_Block_Three String Fare Block Three
Fare_Block_Four String Fare Block Four
Fare_Calculation_Mode_Indicator String Fare Calculation Mode Indicator
Final_Destination_City String Final Destination City
IATA_Client_Code String IATA Client Code
Invoice_Date Date Invoice Date for Ticket Details
Issue_Date Date Date the Ticket was issued.
Issuing_Carrier String Issuing Carrier
Number_of_Legs Decimal Total number of legs for the ticket.
Original_Issue_Ticket_Number String The original issued ticket number if the ticket was exchanged a multiple times.
Passenger_Name String Passenger Name
PNR_Record_Locator String This is a 6 digit PNR (Passenger Name Record) record locator.
Refund_Indicator Bool This field indicates the ticket refund.
Refund_Number String The reference number for the refund.
Restricted_Ticket_Indicator Bool Restricted Ticket Indicator
Tax_Exempt_Indicator Bool Tax Exempt Indicator
Ticket_Number String Ticket Number
Ticket_Type String Ticket Type
Ticket_Routing_Type String Ticket Routing Type
TMC_Client_Account_Number String TMC Client Account Number
TMC_Is_Merchant Bool An indicator if TMC is the merchant.
Total_Fare Decimal Total Fare
Total_Fees Decimal Total Fees
Total_Tax_Amount Decimal Total Tax Amount
Travel_Agency_Code String Travel Agency Code
Travel_Agency_Invoice_Number String Travel Agency Invoice Number
Travel_Agency_Name String Travel Agency Name
Travel_Agency_Product_Code String Travel Agency Product Code
Travel_Authorization_Code String Travel Authorization Code
Trip_Leg_Details_Data String Trip Leg Details Data

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