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This element contains the data elements for a Competency.


Name Type References Description
Competency_ID String The ID of the Competency.
Competency_Name String The Competency Name of the Competency. When adding a new Competency, duplicate names are not allowed.
Description_Applies_to_All_Levels Bool The Description of the Competency will be the same everywhere. If Applies to All Levels is not marked True, Descriptions can be modified for each Management Level or Compensation Grade
Competency_Category_Reference String The Competency Category for the Competency.
Proficiency_Rating_Behavior_Data String Defines a Proficiency Rating used in a Competency.
Inactive Bool Boolean which indicates if the Competency is inactive.
Effective_Date Date During implementation, we recommend using a date of 01-01-1900 for the initial entry.
Proficiency_Rating_Scale_Reference_WID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Proficiency_Rating_Scale_Reference_Rating_Scale_ID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Behaviors_Apply_to_All_Levels Bool Boolean to specify if competency behaviors apply to all levels.
Used_For_Talent_Matrix Bool Check this box if you would like to use this Competency as the horizontal axis when setting up nBox reports for the Talent Matrix.

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Build 20.0.7740