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When a Deduction Recipient already exists and is being updated through the Web Service will we be interpreting the absence of business entity and settlement account elements as persisting the existing data. In the event that Business Entity or settlement account Data is being updated through the web service, we will replace the existing data with the new data being added in the Web Service.


Name Type References Description
Payroll_Deduction_Recipient_Name String Payroll Deduction Recipient Name
Payroll_Alternate_Deduction_Recipient_Name String Payroll Alternate Deduction Recipient Name
Payroll_Deduction_Recipient_ID String Payroll Deduction Recipient Reference ID
Payment_Type_Reference_WID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Payment_Type_Reference_Payment_Type_ID String Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Business_Entity_Name String Business Entity Name is the name for the business entity. Business entities can not be duplicated across different business entity types, ie: a Customer can not have the same name as a Financial Institution unless they share the Business Entity.
Business_Entity_Phonetic_Name String Business Entity Furigana
Business_Entity_Tax_ID String Business Entity Tax ID
External_Entity_ID String External Entity ID. The External Entity ID can be used as a non unique reference to the same Business Entity in an external system.
Address_Data String Address information
Phone_Data String Phone Information
Email_Address_Data String Email Address Information
Instant_Messenger_Data String Instant Messenger Information
Web_Address_Data String Web Address Information
Filename String Text attribute identifying Filename of the Attachment.
Image String File content in binary format.
Settlement_Account_Data String Bank Account Type becomes required when using v30.1 of the web service.

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Build 20.0.7740